Saturday, September 12, 2009


ArtisticHalloweenQueens blogspot is having a super giveaway for this month. Go to their blog to see all the neat items that the artists have donated for prizes.  Its certainly worth taking a couple of minutes to enter your name.

My spookytimejingles debut is tomorrow and I am anxious to see how it goes.  I wasted several  frustrating  days attempting to create my pages for the site and couldn't have done it without help from the lady of Huckleberryarts ( Annette) My gosh. I thought I could just whip in there and have them done easily but NO.  I am so very tired of being so computor illiterate.  I have until the 13 of Oct. to make the next pages so perhaps I can figure it out eventually.  STJ also has a giveaway! So folks, its the time to get your name in for these goodies. 

Friday, September 11, 2009


Come Sunday I will be a bonafide member of Spookytimejingles! It's a fabulous website founded by Dani Nelson of  ambitiousdesigns . It's a juried site that offers to the buyer wonderful pieces from very talented artists who particularly create for Hallowen and Christmas.   Check it out. You won't be sorry!
I have personally put up for sale some great ( if I do say so myself ) items for those holidays.  The lamp I did took forever to complete and the handbeaded stranded I added are perfect for the extra sparkle.  I was inspired this time by the old Halloween cards that featured the pumpkin head children.  I have painted them all arounnd the shade.

For the Christmas page I found a cute stepstool and have painted a vintage Christmas scene on the top of Santa and a line of children all dressed in vintage snow clothes. Santa is handing out gifts.   I love it. Not wanting to leave the legs plain I have added bright green holly leaves with red berries here and there. 

I am working on another lamp now. This one for Christmas. the ideas just keep coming and I only wish I had more time.   Remember to go to STJ on the 13th.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mothers and teachers

Well mothers will finally have a little time for themselves very soon.  Once the kiddles are off to school they can sip coffee, read then paper or a book, actually watch TV if they are so inclined or indulge in any other seemingly worthy time consumer.
If they have a hobby that has been put on hold for awhile they once again enjoy the fruits of their creative leisure.  Hah Leisure? I know that housework and all the other housewifely duties cannot possibly be eliminated but perhaps just achieved with fewer time constraints.
Now it's the teachers turn to stimulate and educate the hungry little minds of their charges and care for them in so many other ways.
As for me? When I was a teacher AND mother I looked forward to those first days of the school year as a challenge to my sanity.  I discovered ways to cope with insuing problems that I never thought had a chance of being successful.
It's been many years for me now but I still look on these fall days an feel a little meloncholy as they hold some dear memories.  
So mothers enjoy your relative freedom while you are able.  Trust the teachers with your offspring and  give your kids an extra  hug when they arrive home from school.

Latest large lamp

Latest large lamp

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Witch piano music box
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Witch  sculpt
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Halloween Lamp