Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm Published!

Wow, so exciting.  Connie Porcher was kind enough to inlcude my two art deco lamps in the newest Celebrate365  magaine. It is a fabulous publication with tons of wonderful pics of ornaments and other super pieces by well known artists. Great articles as well. You won't find it on a magazine rack. But look it up and subscribe. Its well worth it.  Thank you Connie.

I have a large Halloween double armed lamp on Ebay now. A very time consuming project but it turned out great, if I do say so myself.  I am pleased with the intense colors and the black spooky silhouettes.  Take a look.

This summer's 7 day a week, 8 hour a day schedule is finally over but it paid offf in the long run. Our gift store is now a highline liqour plus gifts and art. Quite an interesting combination but it seems to work.  I sold quite a bit of my arty items this summer and also a few orginal paintings as well as prints etc.  I loved "staging" the gift items and found it a worthwhile challenge to my sense of space and style. 
I have added some liqour related pieces and included some of my handpainted glassware which is  becoming a very fun thing for me to do.  When I get a minute I will show some of it here.    I hope to be adding to my blog soon.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Work work work

I have been working seven days a week, eight hours a day.  Yes I am tired.
I am running a gift shop which includes all of my art as well as small ticket gift items. It is very enlightening to say the least. Since I live in a small artsy  town on the Oregon coast, most of our business  is tourist oriented and lasts from June till September usually. So with such a short time to create any income it is essential to sell merchandise that will be if interets to the summer people.  Surpriselying enough, I have sold many of my Christmas handpainted sanddollar ornaments. Who would have known? I hjave also sold a couple of Halloween lamps and some fine art prints of mine.  The economy has  dictated where the average tourist will spend his hard earned dollar. Items of most interest have been crystal jellyfish with rotating colored light bases. They range from 15 to 36 $   They ARE quite pretty I must admit and a great buy.  Another big seller are the "vintage" looking tin signs that express everyday feelings and situations.
such as, "today's menu, take it or leave it" or "what happens in the gargage stays in the gargage" ( a hot item for men).  I learn something new about human nature every day.

The only good thing about all of these hours spent at ETC ( the name of our shop) is that I can paint while I am there. However it is very hard to concentrate  and be congenial and same time .  I have had most luck painting sanddollars as they take less time and it is easier to stop in the middle of the painting.  
In September when the liquor commission gives us our  license for a satellite liquor store I will be able to get back to my old routine at home of painting painting  and painting.  We will maintain some of space in the store  for gift items so I will still have an outlet for some of work and a few jellyfish (lol).  In the meantime, its keep on keepin' on.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ehag Emporium

Wow there are some truly great items listed this month on the EHAG Emporium. I am offering this vintage tole lamp handpainted with vintage designs.  I love the way this one turned out and I love the colors and shape of this one  Lots and lots of detail which is my forte.  The beads accent this lamp perfectly.   The little handpainted ornie is a freebie that goes with it.   If you like it here is my email address- I can send you more info and more pictures.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

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AHQU Bootique pieces

Can you tell I need lessons ? I still cant figure out how to place my pictures in a row for viewing. So just scroll down and down and down. lol  This next AHQU Bootique will feature these items- the witch goodie box and the vintage tole lamp. Get em' while they're HOT!  They of course are original of course and there will never be another made like them.  Detailed ( I thrive on detail ) and bright with Halloween colors.
If you want more pictures or description, email me please at www.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sandcastle Contest

Yesterday was the annual sanddcastle building contest. It drew thousands of participants and viewers.  For once the sun was shining and weather was perfect to stroll along and take pictures of all the magnficent creations. Guess what? I didnt go. But then I never do. Isnt that awful. But the crowds are horrendous and its impossible to even get close to the sculptures to take photos. You either have to wait your turn or wait until its just about time for the tide to hit them and wash them away. I can see the results of the labor in the newspaper without the hassle.   Hah!  Instead I painted for awhile and then worked in my yard for awhile as well.  I felt very productive yesterday.  Glad I decided to stay home.   I have added pic of a lamp I am going to have on Ehag Emporium that starts on June 30th. I actually put two up for sale.  If you see anything you would like to have more pictures of I can always send more.    Ebay hasnt been very exciting for me lately so I am going to try other venues as well.  AHQU, another great ebay halloweeen group I belong to is also having an emporium. I need to get more info on that one as I believe I have sent them pics of a couple of items. Gad  I cant keep track these days.
I am praying for a GOOD SUMMER for everyone and a for business to pick up as well.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time out for sunshine

Cannon Beach is typically overcast and ugly in June.  True to form, this year!  So far not a whole heckuva lot of nice days.  The ones that are beautiful give me hope for more to follow. Yesterday was one of those.  So instead of working on my art projects I set about attempting to clean up our yard.  I say ATTEMPTING, because its an overwhelming job at this point in time. I am the gardener in our family. My husband mows  thank God and I am grateful for every bit of help.   I haven't torn out all the dead and nasty old weeds and plants from all last winter.   It just never was done. I always had other things on my priority list.  I should take pictures but I am ashamed to have let it go for so long. 
With COPD ( tho' not an excuse) its very difficult to do much without having trouble breathing.  Consequently, I work slowly and try not to lift anything heavy or pull out something with too much energy. Its the pits!  I used to be such an avid gardener. People would walk down the street and stop to see all my gorgeous flowers ion the summer.  This summer I will be lucky if I finish cleaning up from last year.  I need to put some weed and grass killer on a lot of areas but I am afraid to because of my kitties. I would hate to have them become ill or worse from having come in contact with something poisonous to them.  A lot of products don't tell you. Any suggestions anyone?????

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Spookytimejingles , the Halloween and Christmas art site is now on ebay.  It offers another venue for those of us who need one.  So check it out . There are so many fabulous artists in the group.

Summer is herew

I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see the sun again.  We haven't had many nice days in awhile. I have to admit I am influenced by the weather. My moods change, my creativity suffers and sometimes I want to just stay in bed when I awaken to another grey day.  I would rather have it rain than be overcast and grey.  That's the worst for me.
Thankfully today is one of those beautiful days here at the coast.  I should be able to accomplish much but I may play hookie and go out and take pictures of people on the beach to use later in a painting.  I love the shadows a bright sunny day offers. 

I am just about finished with another Halloween lamp. This is purple , black, acid green and white. Sounds awful doesn't it? But those colors are working for this piece. I'll share pics when I finish.

I am wondering how one finds the time to do their art or their work and still keep up with blogs, ebay art groups, selling sites, Facebook etc.  I just love to read what everyone has to offer but then when I have not made time to paint I feel empty.  Some artists I know seem to be able to work it ALL into their days. I haven't been successful at it yet.  Any secrets anyone?

Sunday, May 30, 2010


My pieces at the downtown store

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Art is therapy

It's an excruciatingly gorgeous day.  Excruciating because I am stuck here inside with too many chores staring me in the face.  You know, those everyday tasks that somehow get shoved to the background when other things need your immedaite attention.

I have been painting for hours every day as therapy.  And yes, it DOES work. Without my art I would have been a robot just going about my daily business without seeing or feeling a thing.

The past few weeks adversities having taken their tremendous toll on my ususal good nature ( not to mention my confidence), and making me a prime candidate for the proverbial funny farm, I HAD to do something in order to crawl out of the muck and mire of the depression cesspool;. 

I picked up my brushes for lack of any better idea and began to paint another lamp.
Sure enough , before too long I started to come around. Had it lasted any longer I would have been in danger of losing my dear patient husband to any woman who would have him.
Two lamps and a few other pieces have accomplised what no amount of antidep-ressants and trips to the therapist could not. Although I am not 100% my cheerful self I AM much better and can face what come next with less fear.  So yes Art can be Therapy if you need it.  

Check out on the 13th to see those lamps and other goodies.

osing my husband to any woman 50-80 who would have him. lol

Friday, April 30, 2010

Well that went well!!!!lol

Can you tell I am technically hampered???

As I was saying,  (  What  was I saying?? Oh yah )
The Living Doll Sculpey seems like a good product so I will try it.

In the meantime , feeling like sh--, I decided to send in some pics of my work to the owner/editor of the Celebrate 365 magazine - a glossy ,gorgeous publication full of only the greatest seasonal ornaments and other fabulous goodies- a collectors dream come true.!

She emailed me back and said she would love to include some of  my Halloween lamps in the fall edition.  I am tickled pink. It is indeed an honor for me to be included among the  prestigous artists  represented in her magazine.   So that news helped lift my spirits.

The thing is, I can't NOT paint.  I can't even imagine one day without doing something
artisitc-  whether its out taking pictures of scenes I want to paint, or wokring on a lamp or even browsing the internet for inspiration .

Again thank you all who responded to my situtation  . It truly helps.


Thanks for commiserating with me guys.  I almost deleted the post after I made it but decided I had to get it out of my system by writing about it.   The convention is happening as we speak and I haven't a clue as to how many piece survived or which ones made it to the show.  Maybe the few that did will sell and I can recoup some of the loss financially.   Dani said she would send them all back in one box. That way I can see exactly what the damage was and perhaps repair and resell some of the pieces.

She said that the pieces I made from Sculpey shattered and shouldn't have so perhaps it was the particular Sculpey I used or the way I built the piece or whatever.   I have since found a product called Living Doll by Sculpey and it will try it.  I know I was very very careful with the packing. It took along  time to do and ZI used everything ujder the sun

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sad sad sad

Boy has the wind been taken out of my sails!!!!!   I was informed that 75% of the pieces I sent back east for Halloween Convention are broken!  I think of all the time  and love that went into each piece and I am just sick!   So much for making my "debut" at the big convention.. That'll teach me to be optimistic wont it?
 .  I won't be able to duplicate any of them. 
I had insurance on them and perhaps I can recoup some of cost but I  cannot replace the uniqueness of each item.   So much time-- so much enthusiasm.   
Gotta go, I think I am going to weep.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Never gonna' stop painting

I am so glad I finished up my projects for the  National Halloween Convention.  Now I can get on with other pieces.  I want to offer a piece or two to the 365 Magazine for publication.  I have some ideas but may not be able to offer anything for the summer issue as the deadline is in early May. But I would love to have a few shown in the fall issue in time for Halloween and even Christmas.  That would be an honor I would love to brag about. Its a great magazine that showcases only the best in holiday ornaments and other items.

I just started another lamp. I cant get seem to go too long without doing one. I love it so.
This one has art deco Halloween tally card designs of pretty ladies. I adore these old vintage designs. Ive been wanting to do one like this for ages. It will be time comsuming but then it seems everything I do takes too long.  lol  The deco style is simple and very colorful. 

I wanted to mention that ( my Halloween and Christmas sale site) is now offering their fully decorated Halloween tree on ebay now. Everyone in the group donates handmade original ornaments for the tree. They last one we did before Halloween was just fantastic.  I have a couple of ornies on it too. Yea
Now if I could just figure out how to offer the link here for the "raffle" I would but as everyone knows I am challenged in that area.

I had better get back to work before I lose my drive.  More later.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have been working feverishly on items for the National Halloween Convention in Pennsylvania at the end of this month.  I just sent off 19 pieces to the spookytimejingles
site owner, Dani Nelson. She is going to show off the groups wares at the convention.
God bless her.  I hope my things sell as it has been hard work and was no cheap endeavor counting shipping and insurance.  I have shown one of my pieces, The Piano Witch, here. She took the most time and caused the most stress and frustration. I am fairly new to this sculpture medium.  ( and to boot am a darned perfectionist)   But when I finished I felt like I had really accomplished something!

I have been added to the roster of one of favorite  Halloween ebay groups, EHAG.
I am very pleased to have been invited. Some of the most talented artists belong so I am among the elite.
I love all my groups and only wish I had more time to spend chatting with everyone and making my blogspot unforgettable.  As I wrote last month, I am technically challenged to the "NTH degree and find everything so difficult. 

My nest challenge is to see if I can add my group banners here.  Should be easy right> Well not for me.  LOL

Presently I am trying a piece for the EHAG April challenge. The theme is "Black and White Fright Night".   Check it out this month is view the entries.

I will take a pic of my project when I have completed it.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why am I so technically challenged?

I sure hope there are more folks like me out there.  I could spend 24 hours a day trying to figure what to do technically on ebay, facebook, here, NING, etc etc etc.  I just took some pics of my newest creations for the National Halloween Convention at the end of April. I was anxious to share them with my friends on Facebook and when I attempted to post the pics they were "sideways" . I tried rotating them in edit and they remained as they were. Same thing happened on ebay when I uploaded my photos from my Picassa ( where I have all of my photos) . They were all correct onb Picassa but when I uploaded them on ebay and also on facebook they werent. It is very frustrating for me . I read and read  and try to follow instructions etc but to no avail. Trouble is I dont want to take all day fussing with these sorts of things when I could be painting or sculpting something fun.  Tis as pity that I "JUST DONT GET IT"!  For most it is very simple but for me its a real dilemma.. I am going to attempt to add the same pics here and see what happens. SIGH  Bear with me please.  In the meantime let me tell you I have been a busy busy fool, trying to have lots of goodies to send to the convention.  My STJ group will be representing Halloween artists and I anxious to see how my hard work will pay off.  Later---------

Monday, March 1, 2010

Halloween Queens new site

My ebay group AHQU has introduced a new selling sit called Castle Bootique. Get it?
BOOtique. You will find many wonderful and creative Halloween themed item for sale there.  Pretty cool.  When I get some more time I plan to get busy on more items to sell there.  In April and May I have many obligations. For one, my small town of Cannon Beach, OR. has its yearly "Spring Unveiling" art event.  I would sure like to be able to be involved this year and have completed three new paintings but thats not nearly enough.
And then, another biggie for me is the National Halloween Convention back east and spookytimejingles, my other selling site is a main outlet for my Halloween goodies.  I would love to be able to send a lot of items there as its major exposure.   So with all thats going I wont have a minute to waste.  Seems EVERTHING  I create is time consuming. There isnt any such thing as "whip something out" as far as my work is concerned. Of course it would help if I werent so obsessive compulsive. LOL  Its hell being a perfectionist.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Congrats to Janell Berryman

One of our talented Spookytimejingles artist is off on a new adventure. She not only will be creating for Enesco but alos Dept. 56!!! Wow.  Janell of Pumpkin Seed Originals
has been recognized by these manufacturers and we are so proud of her. Of course its the dream of any arts and crafts artist to be chosen as a conrtibuting artist for these well known companies.   So good for you girl- YOU GO!!!

In the meantime I plod away at my craft and pray for a sale or two now and then. I can become so excited over one of my creations and of course I end up spending way to much time perfecting them. SIGH   I will never change though.

I have completed an incredible ( if I do say so myself ) Easter lamp all done up in Easter colors (YUMMY) and complete with my usual additions of beads .But this time I  have added a small music box that you can wind underneath that plays "Here Comes Peter Cottontail".   Also, a first for me.... I have created a little Easter "scene" on a oval base.
It includes, a sculpted Momma bunny and a baby , an large egg broken in half which looks like Mother Bunny has just hatched from it. There is a sculpted Easter basket with eggs and lots of other tiny sculpted and decorated eggs all around.  Behind the large egg is a little sculpted flowerpot with posies and a tiny chick sitting by it. This one too has a Peter Cottontail music box.  Whew I outdid myself but since its first of this sort of item I figured it HAD to be perfect.   I will have these offerings on STJ on March 13th.   I think you will like them.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where have I been?

I really dont know how I get so caught up in so many things I would rather not do. someone asks me to participate in an event in some way and instead of politely saying, " I'm so sorry but I just don't have the time right now,"  I answer, "Sure, I'll help out" ( even though I may not sound very enthusiastic.)
Well that is what has been going on with me besides my usual trying to finish projects to sell on ebay and

As so many of us are aware, there hasn't been a whole heckuva lot of selling going on. I fear the economy has eliminated frivolous purchases such as one of a kind original art.
Even the  known artists who usually sell everything they produce haven't been doing as well.   It's very discouraging.  But we can'y give up can we? 
I find that I still MUST create or die. If I am not painting or sculting or whatever I am not happy. So even if  I may not be selling as much these days I still find it
absolutely necessary to be busy creating at all times. 
I do have however, one last obligation for outside interests. Then lookout! I intend to produce tons of new goodies this year. Watch for them on ebay and STJ.

Latest large lamp

Latest large lamp

Witch piano music box

Witch piano music box
Love Song

Witch sculpt

Witch  sculpt
Easter witch

Halloween Lamp

Halloween Lamp