Saturday, February 28, 2009

I feel better

I am so glad I decided to get out of my funk and go to lunch with my long lost friend. She made me feel vital, useful and gratful to be alive. ( even if she is only 40) Some of her youth must have rubbed off on me. I even splurged and had delicious marionberry cobbler for dessert. Yum
I was able to have liver and onions for lunch .My husband would never have it in the house ( like most sane people) My friend, being a very noraml person screwed up her nose and said"yeeeewww". Ah it was glorious!!!

Facing the facts

The fact is that I dont have all that much time left to finish everything I planned to do before I die. I am not trying to be morbid ( although I admit that does sound a bit creepy ) But realistically at almost 71 with C.O.P.D. I could pop off at any time. I did so want to make a name for myself in my chosen field- that of artisitc expression. So I guess my point is that I had better get off my butt and get busy ! Which brings me to today's agenda.
1. Wake up
2. Get out of bed
3. Clean the cat box
4. Say "good morning" to David
5. Take my pills
6. Pour a cup of coffee
7. (if it was a weekday I'd check out the stock market on CNBC)
8. Cry, because the markets stinks
9. Suck it up and start thinking positively
10. Check out the progress on my latest Halloween art project which is a photo cube with little Halloween scenes painted on each of 4 inserts which can be removed and replaced with the owners own Halloween photos. I sculpted a tiny black cat and a tiny camera to glue to the top but I am not happy with them so far.
11. Rethink the ideas for the top of the cube
12. This is where I clear my head and put the project on the back burner .
13. Now is when I finally open my PC and check out my messages- answer or delete depending on my mood. Every day I click on the animal rescue site to feed the kitties and doggies. It only takes a second and I feel I have helped feed some poor little thing. Next I click on the Human Society site to do the same thing.
14. Here's where I visit my groups on ebay or if I have something up for bid I check that first. I read what I want on Ha31 and BWBA and add comments or not.
15. That done, this is where I am suppose to "get off my butt" and get busy. but far too often sit in a daze with thoughts whirling around in my brain and mindlessly staring at the TV or looking out the window.
16. Today I know I have to ( or GET to) go meet a friends I haven't seen for over 20 years for lunch. In a way I am looking forward to seeing her and in another way I am just wanting to stay home and be a hermit. What is wrong with me?

21. For now I guess I will just sit here and stare ou the window until I can come up with an answer for that last question.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sleepless in Cannon Beach

I squinted in the darkeness to read the time on the digital bedside clock. Egad, it was 2.00 am and I had't slept a wink. I even took a Tylenol PM to help me
with the process.
My mind was a busy highway last night--rapidly conjuring up the best ideas to post here and just as quickly tossing them aside. I can see where I will have to read a lot more in order to do this blog thing with any success. More later

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Starting over as a senior

Well I never thought I'd be comtemplating blog designs at 70 years old. If truth be told, I never thought I'd survive this long. I was pretty wild as a young'un.
But the only thing in life we can be sure of is, "things change". Now if that isn't a profound statment I dont know what is.
Things changed for me a few years ago when I set up a still life consisting of items found along the beaches here in the northwest where I have lived for 39 years. A large aqua green Japanese glass float, some small ones, shells, ropes, from ships and driftwood arranged and ready to capture on canvas. Little did I know what was follow when I finally picked up my brushes after so many years creative abstinence.
To make a long story short, that 24" by 36" acrylic interpretation of the still life setup shoved me in the direction I had been seeking since I was a wee child.

Since then I have been joyously painting , creating and using my imagination
for whatever came to mind without hesitation. I have had two successful one woman shows here in Cannon Beach and recently developed a website where all of my serious paintings may be seen.

A few short months ago while browsing ebay I discovered wonderful Halloween
artwork and since I love that season I decided to try my luck with Halloween
creations. I have a lot to learn about ebay and about listings etc. but the folks on ha31 are more than helpful and encouraging. I plan to be a prolific member of that group as well as the newly created BWBA ( Because we Believe) for all holiday artful offerings.

In the meantime I continue to paint the things that inspire me here and will offer those works as well on my site. I am just getting started and Ill be da--ed if anything is going to hold me back now.

Latest large lamp

Latest large lamp

Witch piano music box

Witch piano music box
Love Song

Witch sculpt

Witch  sculpt
Easter witch

Halloween Lamp

Halloween Lamp