Sunday, March 29, 2009

Right address

The address for the halloween blog spot is

Some good stuff over there.

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Halloween Blog

Halloween has a new blog. It should be fun to share all things Halloween. Check it out.

I have finished a new shelf unit that I will post soon. I think it turned out well.
Sold a lamp today and am pleased with the sale. Sort of a surprise as things have been slow lately. I have decided to include a "surprise gift" with each item I sell. A little thank you I guess you'd say.

I handpaint sanddollars that I collect from the beach ( a block away) They are meticulously detailed and take hours to complete. I have a set that I have done for the Christmas tree that are wonderful. The ones I will include with my Halloween items will be in Halloween colors of course and can be hung on a tree or wherever. I think it will be a nice touch

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Still reeling from turning 71 I decided to take a day off so to speak. Its a day to gather thoughts and make lists and just get it all together. I must do this every once in awhile for sanity's sake. I become so deeply embroiled in projects that I forget the day, the date, the time, the weather etc etc etc. You know how that goes?!
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it is actually springtime outside. The sun is shinning warmly and the birds are chirping, my kitties are chasing and the fragrance of budding trees and flowers is heavenly.
I DID take advantage of this day by spreading newspaper on the deck and bringing a load of goodies out to be spray painted primer white. I have shelves and cute boxes, clocks, candleholders and many other great little items picked up over the last few months. Once they are primered I can chose which one to
start a new project with. Now I am excited about all of the possibilities.
EEnie meenie minee mo-!!!! Its good to have a choice.

Monday, March 9, 2009

It's Snowing

The Oregon coast doesnt usually see much of the white stuff so it is always a treat when it happens. Big fluffy flakes blown about by a moderate wind today!!!
Some friends visited this weekend and the husband helped me with some technical computor stuff. Wow he has made it so much easier for me. All I needed was a patient teacher who was wil ing to wait while I wrote everything down. Unfortunately its the only way I am able to recall these days.
I am packaging the little table with the kids painted around it to send to the winning bidder from ebay. I have decided to include in ALL of my packages a little token of my gratitude for the sale. I gather tons of sanddollars from ou beach here and have in the past painted them with Christmas design for ornaments. They are exquisite . Really. Very detailed. I hate blowing my own horn but these are truly OOAK in the truest sense of the word. I think if I paint them in Halloween colors they would look adorable on a Halloween tree so I intend to do some to include with the items I sell. Actually they do take an awful lot of time- anywhere from two to five hours depending on the design. But
I can paint up a few in between projects to have on hand. I'll see how it goes. It will depend on the response from the buyers. HI ho HI ho its back to work I go!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mood swings

From meloncholy to euphoria in 24 hours. All it took was a great sale on ebay to lift my spirits. I have been hoping for such a miracle for several months now. Some of the folks in my art groups have had some terrific sell prices for their work and I have been dreaming of the day that would happen for me. When that day arrived I simply couldnt believe it!
I am so tickled. Now I am anxious to come up with more pieces that people will find interesting and /or beautiful enough to purchase. I woul;d love to have a reputation like Cali Lee, my favorite Halloween artist. Sigh Maybe some day.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Dont know what's the matter with me but I just can't get started today. I feel a bit melancholy. I looked up melancholy in the dictionary to be sure that it espressed my feelings. It says, nostalgia, angst, distress, ,disconsolate, cheerless. and on and on. I dont know if my mood truly reflects angst or distress but I surely dont feel like kicking up my heels. Now if I want to dissect the reasons behind this "malaise" I might start here---- Recently an old friend of ours returned from out of state to the family "ranch" a little ways out of town from us. My husband has been out to see him a few times. They have always been very close buddies. Yesterday they were talking about "old times" and the subject of age raised its ugly head . Our friend is only in his fifties, a lot younger than us. When my husband reminded him that he ( my hubby) was 62, our friend was shocked with disbelief. It hadnt occurred to him that so much time had passed. But then when my age was mentioned (70) he couldnt beleive it!
Well neither can I. Most of the time though, my age isn't a concern .
When it really bothers me is when I have to do something physically demanding and I can't because of my C.O.P.D.. ( chronic obstructive pulminary desease) which by the way, I brought upon myself by smoking for too many years and not giving it up soon enough. It is very depressing when I can't garden without becoming breathless very soon. I can do very little without having difficulty breathing. I pi--es me off! I have the will to do it all but not ability. Now THAT makes me feel old! I have always been "young at heart" but some days its so hard to think youn when I dont feel that way. Enough of this whining. My message for today when it all comes down to it is IF YOU SMOKE GIVE IT OR DIE! no kidding

Friday, March 6, 2009

I Should Learn My Limitations

This silly little witch thing I'm trying to do for the group challenge is driving me up the wall. I decided to sculpt a witch and have her sit in half of a L'Eggs egg
with her striped stockinged legs hanging over the edge . She will hold a tiny chick and bunny. I am now considering this project a learning process. I may never finish it at this rate. Using 3 types of clay trying to figure out what is going to work best. It would take two or three pages to try and tell you all the problems I have had. Suffice it say, I am FRUSTRATED! If this turns out it will be a miracle. Plus I discovered I am developing a little arthritis in my right hand and by the end of day it is pretty uncomfortable. Geezz I hate getting old. lol

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I actually was able to read the instructions and add music to my blog. I feel so smug. lol I really cant believe I was able to do it. (I am so very technically impaired. )

I am trying to sculpt a witch and have the head done and arms and legs. I must sew an outfit for the poor thing and as poorly as I sew she may have to go naked.
I learn something new every day and that is what keeps me going and helps ,me stay "young". So I will make an attempt at a black witchy style dress for her.
The sun is shining and the door to the back deack is OPEN! Yea The fresh spring air floats in and clears my winterized brain. Its about time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keep on Pluggin' Away

Thats what my sister and my friends tell me all of the time. "Just keep on keepin' on".
Well thats what I am doing. Today I repainted a couple of little details on the photo cube I was working on. My husband tells me I am way to obsessive when it comes to wanting everything I do to be prefect. He has actually taken brushes out of my hands to keep me from doing more ( and more and more).\
It's become sort of a joke cause' he realizes I can just wait till he leaves and do it anyway.
I am thinking about starting on the challenge theme of Eerie Equinox for my Halloween art group HA31. I have a couple of ideas and they include processes I havent tried yet. That ought to be interesting.. I will keep you posted.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sculpting- a real challenge

I admire all the ladies I know who sculpt. There really truly is a trick to it that I have yet to learn. Maybe I am too impatient for results as good as the ones I see and like. Then too perhaps I will NEVER learn to do it well. I am trying to finish up a little photo cube box and have sculpted a tiny black cat with a tiny camera in his hand and a witches hat on his head. He is turning out OK but not like I invisioned when I began. Usually --( this is a profound statement) - IF I CAN VISUALIZE IT I CAN CREATE IT. Do any of you seem to be able to do that also? Well, I could sort of see with my minds eye the kitty but the finsihed kept changing. Poop! I will put him up for bid never the less. I am happy to ahve a bid on my table. Boy oh boy there sure are a lot of hours in this one.

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Latest large lamp

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Witch piano music box
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