Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Plug for STJ

If you buy something from Spooky Time Jingles artist's , part of the sale price will be donated to Animal rescue. Its a drive to collect money to help the neglected and abused . A good cause! Also I have been clicking daily on the AnimalRescue site. One click a day donates kibbles to hungry cats and dogs. How can you go worng and it only take a minute. I have them send me a daily reminder and when I open my email message box I automaically go their first. Please help and thanks in advance.

Back to art----I should have my little table done today but as I said in an earlier post I cant seem to get away from adding more details when anyone with a brain would consider the piece FINISHED.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tomorrow it will be

100 days until Halloween. I saw that in discussions in my new group AHQU. Thank you for asking me to join. Lots of very talented folk in this group.
I am still working on that table. I dont know if anyone else does this except Tammy from Light and Shadow but if something isnt "perfect" in my eyes I simply "erase" it which usually entails painting over the whole dang thing. I painted thr dancing witches on the hexagonal top and drew in some smaller designs with witches on each side ( in pencil). After drawing them in, I didnt like them because I think it would take away from the nice top design and would look too "busy". So I had to erase with an actual eraser but then I had to paint over each side as the erasing removed a little of the shaded paint. Long story. So now I am reworking the area from the top down. I think I will add a bit of fun to this with some hanghing Halloween colored beads from the rungs on the legs. Darn beads are so spendy. Anyone have any ideas where I can buy glass beads on the cheap. Aint no such thing!!! lol I think you'all will love the table though.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another project in the making

I will have to take a picture of my workspace. It is on the living room flowwr like always. I have just started a darling table. I found it on ebay and though I paid more than I wanted, it was just too cute a shape NOT to buy. It will lend itself well to a Halloween theme. I am trying to do one of those dark to light fades of color on the sides. That is soooo difficult unless you use an airbrush. I also have a had some luck using pastels to fuzzy the lines between colors. It works well most of the time. Then you just spray with a matte sealer over the pastels and go on with the rest of the designs. Think I will post a couple of pics here so you can see what happens with that process on this table. Anyway, thanks for looking. Talk atcha' soon.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Too many ideas- not enough time

I have posted a couple of pics of my latest painting that was commissioned by a lady who wanted a "portrait" of her home. Actully I do like architetectural subjects- basically buildings with interesting features and have done a few of downtown Cannon Beach businesses. The town is a unique little artsy community with lots of nice galleries and good restaurants and beautiful cedar shaked establishments with lots of ginberbread and fun details.
But now that I am through with her piece I have several items that I have collected to "do up" in Halloween colors and designs- probably vintage since I love the old Halloween postcards etc. I have a great little side table I found on ebay for a song. It will lend itself quite nicely to witchies and ghosties. The top is octagonal. I also found a darling gumball slot/machine bank that is dying for a redo. Gad, I have tons of great items that I would love to finish in time for Halloween. I sure hope I can work faster than I usually do. Unfortunately I am easily distracted so I will have to take the phone off the hook and refuse to answer a knock on my door and send my husband out for pizza if I want to get anything done. Oh and, I won't hear the garden crying out for attention. Good luck

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Stuff

I have been very busy. That's good I guess but it, leaves me precious little time to do the blog thing. I am working on a 16 by 20 painting of a house. Yes I said a HOUSE. Sound exciting? Well I DO like to paint architectural beauty and this house is very picturesque. The owner wanted a painting of her home and I needed the money so-----. I am enjoying it though and am pleased with my progress. I just listed a couple of goodies on ebay for Halloween. The big lamp is really quite nice if I do say so myself and the little table turned great. I had sold it before on ebay for a good price but the buyer had what some call "buyer's remorse" whatever the After I finish my lastest painting I think I will do a table. I found a small ornate side table that will lend itself well to my favorite vintage Halloween designs. More later

Latest large lamp

Latest large lamp

Witch piano music box

Witch piano music box
Love Song

Witch sculpt

Witch  sculpt
Easter witch

Halloween Lamp

Halloween Lamp