Thursday, February 26, 2009

Starting over as a senior

Well I never thought I'd be comtemplating blog designs at 70 years old. If truth be told, I never thought I'd survive this long. I was pretty wild as a young'un.
But the only thing in life we can be sure of is, "things change". Now if that isn't a profound statment I dont know what is.
Things changed for me a few years ago when I set up a still life consisting of items found along the beaches here in the northwest where I have lived for 39 years. A large aqua green Japanese glass float, some small ones, shells, ropes, from ships and driftwood arranged and ready to capture on canvas. Little did I know what was follow when I finally picked up my brushes after so many years creative abstinence.
To make a long story short, that 24" by 36" acrylic interpretation of the still life setup shoved me in the direction I had been seeking since I was a wee child.

Since then I have been joyously painting , creating and using my imagination
for whatever came to mind without hesitation. I have had two successful one woman shows here in Cannon Beach and recently developed a website where all of my serious paintings may be seen.

A few short months ago while browsing ebay I discovered wonderful Halloween
artwork and since I love that season I decided to try my luck with Halloween
creations. I have a lot to learn about ebay and about listings etc. but the folks on ha31 are more than helpful and encouraging. I plan to be a prolific member of that group as well as the newly created BWBA ( Because we Believe) for all holiday artful offerings.

In the meantime I continue to paint the things that inspire me here and will offer those works as well on my site. I am just getting started and Ill be da--ed if anything is going to hold me back now.


  1. Whooo hoo I found you!!! Great job hon!!! Sarah

  2. Susie, its great!!! see you can do it I am so proud of you. remember if you need help just ask. I look forward to seeing all your wonderful art pieces this coming year. Your work is truly beautiful.

  3. Wonderful start to your blog, Susie...Bravo!



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