Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Setting the Stage

Clouds the color of old t-shirts scud across a cold gun metal sky. The rain is the kind that soaks you even though it looks like just a light mist. I stare into space from where I sit with my back against the couch and my legs crossed in front of me. The tools of my passion are spread around me. To my left in front of the window seat that faces south are boxes and bags of supplies, hundreds of bottles of acrylic paint, three different sizes of empyt cans holding paint brushes from size 30/0 to #10, A large empty plastic Kirkland Macadamia Nut container for water, flat tins of pastel pencils and boxes with stick pastels, things to hold erasers, charcoal, scissors, carving tools, colored pencils, crepe paper, wooden objects of various sizes and shapes, beads ( every variety and color), stacks of papers with pictures and ideas procurred from the internet, mod podge, glue, spray varnish, a bag with glass beaded fringe and on a small desk type shelf unit in the corner a new HP printer with fax.

The above items gobble up a 6 by 11 area in my living room and another 6 by 10 ft bump out off of the living room sags under the weight of more art stuff!
In the secondary supply "room" are boxes of all shapes and sizes, lamps, a couple of different music boxes, canvases from 5x5 on up, wooden plaques, small chests and cabinets, a slot machine replica bank, a cool old fashioned gas pump that disperses liqour when filled, small noisemakers, a wooden truck, a jack in the box, a doll sized chair, a small walnut coffin with brass handle carriers, wooden trays, and various other paintable items.

So here I sit on a stained sheet spread out under me and under my paint area
still staring into space. The TV is on ( I like to "listen" to scarey movies ) as I work. Everything is in place and as it should be.

( stay tuned for the next installment )

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