Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have been working feverishly on items for the National Halloween Convention in Pennsylvania at the end of this month.  I just sent off 19 pieces to the spookytimejingles
site owner, Dani Nelson. She is going to show off the groups wares at the convention.
God bless her.  I hope my things sell as it has been hard work and was no cheap endeavor counting shipping and insurance.  I have shown one of my pieces, The Piano Witch, here. She took the most time and caused the most stress and frustration. I am fairly new to this sculpture medium.  ( and to boot am a darned perfectionist)   But when I finished I felt like I had really accomplished something!

I have been added to the roster of one of favorite  Halloween ebay groups, EHAG.
I am very pleased to have been invited. Some of the most talented artists belong so I am among the elite.
I love all my groups and only wish I had more time to spend chatting with everyone and making my blogspot unforgettable.  As I wrote last month, I am technically challenged to the "NTH degree and find everything so difficult. 

My nest challenge is to see if I can add my group banners here.  Should be easy right> Well not for me.  LOL

Presently I am trying a piece for the EHAG April challenge. The theme is "Black and White Fright Night".   Check it out this month is view the entries.

I will take a pic of my project when I have completed it.


  1. Wowzer Susie you have been busy!! I would love to see pictures of the goodies you shipped off to tha Halloween Convention!! Congrats on the Ehag invite, your work is always amazing!! This computer stuff drives me crazy for as much as I feel I learn I discover I'm still decades behind, lol.

    Can't wait to see pictures!!
    Have a great weekend Susie!!

  2. Susie, Sounds like you have been one busy lady!
    I can't wait to see pictures of your creations!
    I hope you sell them all!


  3. Susie, Your work astounds me! Wish I could paint like you.

  4. Sometimes when I am really tired I wonder why God let me know how to paint!! Some things I do aer good and some arent. Thanks fro the compliment.


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